Modellers of norwegian railways in H0 scale have a very good choice of high quality models of rolling stock to choose from.

Not so in N scale.

Genuine Norwegian models are almost non existent. Norwegian Railways up to about 1960 was divided in standard gauge (1435mm) and CAP gauge (1067mm). See my blog http://keknor-rena1900.blogspot.no/for CAP gauge in FiNe. There were also some minor 750mm and 600mm (industrial) gauge Railways. Typical of norwegian railways in the steam era, was lightly built rail and small locomotives despite of challenging routes through hills and mountains.

To capture this in N scale, scratchbuilding is the order of the day. The usual method of finding a mechanism from existing models and build a superstructure over it does not work so well because the Norwegian locos are generally smaller and more condensed than the bigger sisters in for example Germany. This is where the finescale aproach come in and make things a little easier. Smaller flanges and narrower wheels help keep the models nearer to the correct proportions.

The fiNe standard have a look here:


To build finescale in N of norwegian railways does not have to be all scratchbuilding. in standard gauge, many german goodswagons of older types, some passenger wagons, and a few locomotives was incorporated into the norwegian railways. Also Swedish rolling stock crossed the border often, and some were on loan for e period.

Some examples : Gammeltysker NSB type 61: Kato and Minitrix BR 57. Stortysker type 63: Minitrix and Fleischmann BR 52. Nohab Diesel DI3: Kato and Minitrix Nohab diesel

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Refering to my post from 16.april 2015 about Microantriebe/KK Producja:

Last week I received a package form KK Producja. I was impressed not only about the fine products, but also of the very clever and safe packageing. First an envelope with inside air bubble plastic sheet.
Then a  wellpaper box, then platic bags for each part, and inside this a laser cut veneer made to fit the part, again wrapped in clear tape.

See picture.

Also I had a very good contact/conversation with the firm in advance of the ordering/delivery. This firm have so many interesting products for us small scale modellers. Good to find they have improved in their earlier weak sides (in my experience), communication with the customers.